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Patio Awnings & Carports double up living areas and provide extended living space. Whether a car, boat, caravan, braai, patio table or fleet of vehicles, we can assist you to find the best cover solution.

Shelters & Carports for Every South African Home Owner.

Bm-Solutions has been designing and building custom carports and shelters for over 10 years, with Quality and Affordability in every project we do.

Give the precious things in your life the treatment they deserve. Bm-Solutions offers a range of Metal Roofing and carports to home and Business owners, helping you create the space you want.

Perhaps it's a shelter over a pool or kids' play area? A carport to cover the caravan or boat? Maybe you just want to get the cars out of the sun. For these and many more Bm-Solutions has literally got you covered.

Carport designs to suit every need & every home

Our carports and shelters usually consist of a roof with open sides and can be tailored to your desired aesthetics, ensuring that your new addition perfectly matches your property's existing design. With a variety of roofing profiles such as flyover, split gable, skillion and classic gable roofing, we offer our customers real choice, delivering results that look exceptional and contribute to the value of their property.

At Bm-Solutions, we pride ourselves on taking a collaborative approach to every project, never working from kits to ensure the ideal addition to your property, because we know your home should be as unique as you. Design flexibility means that you can build a carport and Metal Roof on almost any part of your property, to any length, height or width and in any style. Customize every aspect of your design to your individual budget, needs and property and build exactly the space you want with help from Bm-Solutions exceptional team.

The possibilities are endless, with our Free Standing carports and shelters providing a covered space whilst providing protection from the weather.

Carport Designs

Our company carries a wide selection of metal carports and garages in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any need. Whether you are looking for a compact option designed for a single vehicle or a large structure capable of fitting two or more cars, we can help you find what you are searching for. If none of our available options fit your requirement, we will be happy to work with you to design and build a custom unit specifically for your needs.

Lasting Quality Carports

Our carports were built to last. Their exceptional life expectancy means our customers get the best value for their money. When you order a metal carport or garage from us, you know that you will be getting a quality product designed and constructed with the needs of homeowners in mind. By using durable materials and putting immense care into each carport we build, we provide our customers with longer lasting and more reliable protection for their personal vehicles as well as greater peace of mind. Our structures are anchored to the ground using metal rebar to make sure that they stay in place for you for years and years to come.

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From Carports to Awnings, Modern Gates to Floating Staircases, we help you inprove the value of your property

BM-Solutions manufactures and installs Carports from 4 posts to wall on wall structures and cantilever carports. The structures are manufactured from mild steel and galvanised, Chromadek or polycarbonate roofing. The fabric for the polycarbonate are available in various colours.

Our installers will help you to get the best and affordable shades for your requirements. The structures are manufactured from round poles and different colour shade netts can be supplied. The fabric for the shades are available in normal and waterproof shade cloth.

We specialise in the following areas of Carport expertise:

Carport Roof profiles vary from the following:

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