Steel Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is popular to residential, commercial, municipal and industrial security needs, as it offers both visual and physical safety measures. Steel Palisade Fencing is often used around homes and offices as a neater alternative to Welded Mesh fencing. Electric Fencing can easily be added to palisade to increase your security even further.

We supply and install your normal Devils Fork (7 Point) Palisades that will be welded onto your pillars at best affordable rate. New generation weld free palisade fencing easy to install even for the DIY person

We supply and install weld free palisade fencing and supply the matching gates as well.

High Security Welding Mesh

What is High Security Welding Mesh?

High Security Welding Mesh is wire fused & welded at Horizontal distance of 76.2mm and vertical distance of 12.7mm.

Different sizes available on request.

Salient Features

· Difficult to climb: The spaces between the Horizontal wires are too narrow for the fingers to have a grip

· Excellent Replacement option to solid Wall as:

- More economical than solid wall

- Faster to install than solid wall

- CCTV Camera has a clear sight

· Further upgrade possible with electric security system

· Anti-corrosive & low maintenance



· Manufactured according to BS EN 10016-2

· Wire Size in accordance with BS EN 10218-2

· Tolerance on Mesh Size in accordance with EN 10223-7

· Tolerance on Panel Size in accordance with EN 10223-4

· Welding strength in accordance with BS EN 10223-7

· Zink coating in accordance with BS EN 1461

· Powder Coating in accordance with EN 10245-1

· Anti Corrosion in accordance with BS EN 3900 E4/F4

Tensile Strength

· Wire has a tensile strength of min 550 MPA


· Galfan (Zinc Alu) – In accordance with BS EN 10244

· Heavy Galvanised – In accordance with BS EN 1461/BS EN 10244 and ASTM A 641/ A 641M

· Commercial Galvanised – In accordance with BS 1461 and ASTM A 641/A 641M

Post for fixing Weldmesh

Multi Options are available depending on the security needs.

(The different types can be discussed during quote)

Clearview Fencing

High security fencing system

Tough welded mesh panel. Narrow apertures make it difficult to climb or cut.

2200mm high panels are standard and are 100% secured by a locking flange

holding all vertical and horizontal wire rods in place


Medium security fencing system

Tough 4.5mm welded mesh panel, powder coated and hot dipped galvanised.

2050mm high panels are standard and are bolted to robust posts making this

a quick and economical fence.


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