Our Trellis gates is popular for your home or business.

This product is known also as the upright sliding gate.




We recommend regular cleaning and lubrication to the bottom and top tracks.


BM Solutions offers a 60 month warranty against defective materials and workmanship. We will replace all defective parts or barrier pending the nature of damage. Rust is not part of the product warranty, unless the product has been manufactured with normal material when ordered as galvanized.


As our doors are custom made, we require a 80% deposit and the balance on completion. The effective start date will therefore be the date when we receive proof of payment.

Expandable Doors

Our supplier has a variety of Expandable trellis doors / trellis gates. Browse through our website for more information on each product's unique features. 20mm Aluminium Expandable Door

The 20mm Single Upright Expandable Door unique product features are:

• The only Aluminium Door with a handle, designed to meet international standards

• Rows of flights will vary on a height ratio, and additional rows are available on request.

• The flights are 3mm thick

• The uprights are 2mm thick, 70% more than the proposed steel equivalent

• Fitted with one lock, either slam or dead lock. Additional locks are available on request.

• All the sides of the barriers are fixed, offering you maximum security.

• The bottom feet is manufactured 15mm Aluminium Solid Bar offering you protection against corrosion when doors are fitted on the outside. The tubing protrudes approximately 100mm into the 20mm tubing, and due to the fact that it is round, the intruder cannot cut the bottom legs.

The trellis are powder coated in the following colours:

The door average upright pitching is 140mm.

Standard aluminium Top and Bottom tracks.

Maximum Protection against corrosion, ideal for coastal and humid areas.

This doors has an option to fit Doggy or Monkey Bars. This will prevent dogs or monkeys to enter. The doggy bars reduce the pitching to 65mm, which make it almost impossible for dogs or monkeys to enter. It's also ideal for open shop fronts and liquor outlets.

A quick list of specs and advantages of the al ALUMINIUM SECURITY GATE

This product offers a 5 year no bull/fuss break-in repair guarantee to the original owner of the product, all parts replaced free of charge, or replacing the product depending the extent of the damage. The onus will vest on the owner to prove that he is the rightful owner of the product. Only labour will be charged separately.

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