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About BM Plumsteel Solutions

BM Plumsteel Solutions provides the best Steel Structure Manufacturing and Building Services in the market. The use of steel allows us to supply a strong and durable material.

Steel is an ideal material for building carports. Our services ensure that your needs can be met with the benefit of multiple applications of steel, bricks and wood.

BM Plumsteel Solutions services include renovations, steelworks, carpentry and security, among others. Our leading expertise ensures that whether your needs are standard or complex we can get it done.

Trust In Excellence

Our trusted team of building contractors help you to reach your goals with the best steel frame structure, renovations and carpentry.

Contact us today for more information and receive assistance from professional consultants. Browse through our list of services today and find the perfect solution for your requirements.

Our certified designs, manufacturing and erection of steel structures include cladding, windows, doors, security structures, roofs, among other structures allows us to work efficiently and reliably.
Moreover, our team of experts have the experience and knowledge in the steel industry to supply you with everything you require.

BM Plumsteel Solutions are dedicated to giving you the building and environment you need. On top of this, we work to give your space a sense of individuality with unique designs to fit your aesthetic.

These effective building designs are birthed out of our planning and project management team. This guarantees that we understand what is needed and what conditions will affect the structures.

Likewise, designs will be developed to mitigate structural weakness and an increase in the overall integrity.

BM Plumsteel Solutions will also take into account the need for insulation, ventilation, window space and door space for access with a focus on making the space as efficient as possible.

BM Plumsteel Solutions understand the necessity if security your property within South Africa to protect and safe guard your family. This includes, camera systems, electric fencing and features such as automation of gates and garage doors.

If need be we can combine all of our services together to give you a comprehensive service which will lead to a successful structure. Moreover, the combination of all of our services will benefit you in terms of having the same standard of work throughout your design.


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