BM Solutions manufactures and install custom built security gates such as swing gates, ensure ultimate protection. Keep you and yours safe and secure by contacting us today.



BM Solutions Gates

Security Swing Gates

BM Solutions manufactures and install custom built security gates such as swing gates, ensure ultimate protection.

Standard Swing Gate

Swing Gates are the most common conversional type of barrier, and will remain most used. Our Swing Gate is manufactured with SABS approved material, custom built to suit a particular opening. We use different size tubing depending on the clients requirement. The product is fully welded, and spray painted to any colour client require.

This not the typical security barrier one could buy from the shelf, it’s custom built from superior steel sections for ultimate protection and installed by BM Solutions technicians.

Security Sliding Gates

Having an automated gate motor increases both your safety and comfort, as you do not have to exit your vehicle to enter your driveway.

Automated / motorized gates also help minimize stress, as people can not simply enter or exit your property without an access remote, this is also great when you have kids who love playing outside, as they can not leave the yard or open the gate for anyone, without having an access remote.

Burglar Bars

Different types of Burglar bars can be provided.

  • Spanish Bars
  • Indoor bar
  • Fixed trellis
  • Custom made according client pictures

Our Trellis gates is popular for your home or business.

This product is known also as the upright sliding gate.

  • Rows of flights will vary on a height ratio.
  • Fitted with one lock, either slam or deadlock. Additional locks are available on request.
  • All the sides of the barrier are fixed, offering you maximum security and strength.
  • The Door average upright pitching is 135 mm.
  • With a thickness of our square tubing of 1.6 mm, our Trellis Doors strength outclasses most of the competitors.
  • Aluminium Top and Bottom Tracks


  • Our slam lock ensures and instant barrier between you and a possible intruder by simply closing the gate. The Dead lock secures the barrier by use of a key. You may change that with a slam lock.
  • The retracktable trellis are customized to fit your needs of security.
  • Standard colors for the trellis will be White, bronze and charcoal. Other colors can be arranged according clients requirements.


  • All barriers are custom made and design to suit your specific need.
  • Doggy or Monkey Bars option. This will prevent dogs or monkeys to enter. The doggy bars reduce the pitching, which make it almost impossible for dogs or monkeys to enter. It’s also ideal for shop fronts and liquor outlets.


We recommend regular cleaning and lubrication to the bottom and top tracks.


BM Solutions offers a 60 month warranty against defective materials and workmanship. We will replace all defective parts or barrier pending the nature of damage. Rust is not part of the product warranty, unless the product has been manufactured with normal material when ordered as galvanized.


As our doors are custom made, we require a 80% deposit and the balance on completion. The effective start date will therefore be the date when we receive proof of payment.

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